I’m so excited to be sharing this with all of you!

A few weeks ago, my best friend Sam told me she wanted to start a blog. I, of course, told her to go for it! I always knew Sam had a knack for writing and I’ve always told her she should start a blog someday. She then told me she wasn’t sure how to start one and she was worried nobody would want to read it. (“ME ME AKO MAGBABASA.” “Arielle pls”)

Then a few days later, an idea just hit me. What if Sam and I shared a blog? That’s where PROJECT: Unfiltered comes in! But to understand PROJECT: Unfiltered, you have to know the story of the Sam/Arielle friendship.

Sam and I have been best friends for YEARS, since our elementary school days! I don’t even know when we officially said “Okay, we’re best friends now! YAY!”  So when I left conventional school to be homeschooled, we managed to keep in touch. (Take note, there wasn’t social media then.) I don’t remember how we managed to get each other’s cellphone numbers, but we still talked every single day. 11 years later, here we are, close as ever thanks to technology!

We decided to start this blog as a way to write to each other about our different experiences. Sam’s currently taking up her degree here in Manila, and I’ll be going to college really soon! We thought it would be a fun way to communicate with each other and pay a little tribute to how our friendship has been throughout the years. It’ll be where we post our different thoughts, interests, and hobbies. It’s going to be a place where you’ll find letters to each other, music recommendations, art (yiheeeeee), and a whole lot more! It’ll be the special space where we get to share our friendship without the stress of having to keep up an “image” of what social media depicts true friendship as.

We’re very excited to share this project with you and we can’t wait to see how it goes! We hope you come along and join us on this exciting journey! (Please do, omg. Sam and I have been planning SO many projects to do together and this is honestly the first project we’re actually DOING.)

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