Here’s a little thing I’ve been doing lately: watercolor portraits.

Portrait on the left is of the amazing Reese Lansangan and on the right is of James Reid! (Any fellow OTWOListas out there?)

I think I CAN say that I’ve definitely gotten more comfortable with the medium. I remember struggling so much with creating a consistent skin tone color, how to paint hair (oh my gosh, HAIR), and keeping the paper flat. Luckily enough, I’ve finally learned how to stretch watercolor paper! If you guys don’t stretch your watercolor paper before painting, I HIGHLY suggest you do. Stretching paper has saved my life.

So yeah, that’s what I’ve been working on lately! Follow me on Instagram if you want to see more of the shenanigans I post. (I promise, I’m more alive over there!)

Oh, and before I forget! I’m planning to create one big post for all the art materials I love and currently use. (Paints, brushes, paper, brush pens, you name it!) A lot of you have been asking about the stuff I use on Instagram, so might as well make one huge list! (Come on, who doesn’t love lists! *wink*) I’ll be doing this when I get back from the province, so stay tuned for that!